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Thursday, February 22


Don’t Let the Tail Wag the Dog 2401AAC Facilitator ATRF Your Pension Matters MP TheatreLinda Lau Authoritative, Age Appropriate Content for Division I Students 2301Bethany Arsenault If You Can't Fail, You Can't Succeed: How to Practice Risk 2901BJulianne Harvey Indigenous Ways of Knowing 913ACrystal Clark What we could do if we were brave? Main StageRick Wormeli Assessment? Elementary, My Dear Mozart! 2906Angie Turk It's All Greek to Me 1437P Gail Whiteford Delfeuses Delfeux: (B1) 2404Henri Golczyk LEARN SPANISH HAVING FUN! 2402Aida Fernandez Hernandez Agrios Mindfitness Triathlon AC 146Susan Agrios 2019 CATCH THE SPIRIT 2601Paige Krelow-Weinberger Supporting Children in the Classroom: Attachment 2600Tammy Auden-Dye CANCEL-Working With Students With Oppositional Defiance Disorder 1408Connie Jakab Why your writing journey matters! 2909Lana Lane What's Your Story? 2905Robin Pawlak Bring the World in your classroom! 1435Gilles Theriault Line Up For A Whole Lot Of Math - Math Games And Activities Using Number Lines 2602John Felling Focus on FUNdamentals (K-6): Supporting the Development of Physical Literacy 2302Tracy Lockwood Pilates Fit AC 147Char Andrew Physical Literacy in the Classroom 2304Del Lomsnes The Bargaining Process – A New Playing Field 913BChris Gibbon Explosions and Fire. Get your kids excited about Science! 1503Jason Zackowski Big History: An Interdisciplinary Course for High School 2901AJeff Johnson Aiming for Proficiency you CAN DO it. 2501Wendy Maxwell Pop Art: Printmaking For Young Artists 2505Bogdan Konikowski Chantons, dansons : Music and Movement to Teach French 1303Marian Rose Mindfulness in the Classroom 2305Kari Lotzien The Creation of Anxiety 1328Kathy Penner Pension Interviews TBA RSP Meeting 2909BBill Musselman Edumersion: Virtual Reality in the Classroom ForumNicole Lakusta MakerSpace Fun College Library - UpstairsJason Bedard Inquiry and Technological Problem Solving as Contexts for Numeracy 2205Candace Beaton


911! Hot Topics in Assessment 2401AAC Facilitator Continuing ASEBP Benefits into Retirement MP TheatreBen Nelson CTF Successful Project Base Learning for Grades 5-9 2600Paul Bohnert Reaching Division II Students with Authoritative Resources 2301Bethany Arsenault Curriculum Development Update 2303Phil McRae • Greg Wondga The History and Legacy of Residential Schools 913AShannon Loutitt What we could do if we were brave? Main StageRick Wormeli Brass Mass: Trombone and Low Brass Pedagogy AC 148Peter Fielding Fear NOT the Clown: Classic clowning technique 1437P Gail Whiteford Literacy and Music 2901ADanece Workman Delfeuses Delfeux: (B2 2404Henri Golczyk Teaching French through Songs and Games 2906Denise Gagne Williamson 2019 CATCH THE SPIRIT 2601Paige Krelow-Weinberger Mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of Neither is talking about it....a personal experience. 2304Denise Garnick CANCEL-Working Through Anxiety 1408Connie Jakab MINDFITNESS: Connecting Your Mind and Body Through Movement and Breath 1439Susan Agrios Trans and Gender Non-Conforming Children in the Classroom 2901BJames Demers Falling in Love with Phonemic Awarness 2909Lana Lane How to Get Your Students Writing 2905Robin Pawlak Literary Salon: The Art of Intentional Conversation 1435Julianne Harvey Write On! - Literacy Games and Strategies for Grades 1-3 2602John Felling Exploring Big Ideas in Math Through Story (K-3) 2402Gerry Varty Multiplicative Thinking Isn’t Developed by Memorizing the Times Tables! 1503Sandi Berg Focus on FUNdamentals (Grades 7-12): Supporting the Development of Physical Literacy 2302Tracy Lockwood Strong and Stable AC 147Char Andrew Teacher Time – What is it and how do I count it? 913BChris Gibbon



Don’t Let the Tail Wag the Dog 2401 Transforming Left Overs Cornerstone DiningTanya Zimmerman Authoritative Resources for Secondary Humanities Teachers and Students 2301Bethany Arsenault Do dragonflies breathe fire? Teaching Through Meaningful Inquiry that Engages Children 2305Suzy Potts Collective Memories: Braiding Our Stories Through History 913ACrystal Clark Is Interactive Media Helping and/or Hurting Our Kids? What We are Learning from Growing Up Digital Alberta Main StagePhil McRae • Dr. Michael Rich Assessment? Elementary My Dear Mozart! 2906Angie Turk Gore Makeup 1437P Gail Whiteford Western Music Literacy: Music Theory and Aural Skills Pedagogy shop talk AC 148Peter Fielding Developing Emotional Resilience 2901AJulianne Harvey 2019 CATCH THE SPIRIT 2601Paige Krelow-Weinberger Jazzercise Dancemixxx AC 147Jenna McPhedran Children and Grief 2600Tammy Auden-Dye Mindful Teachers Mindful Classroom 1439Susan Agrios Promoting the Success of Immigrant Students 2404Caroline Guilbault Building Mentoring Relationships in Schools 913BChris Good Cracking the Phonics Code 2909Lana Lane Exploring the Connections between Math and Citizenship Education 2905Michelle Hawks Shake Rattle and Roll Their Way To Understanding 2602John Felling Digitize math/science equations 1435Gilles Theriault 10 Simple Songs To Get Students Moving! 2302Tracy Lockwood Looking Ahead - Preparing for Retirement MP TheatreJennifer Hope NEW TIME: The 411 on the TQS- What You Need to Know About the New Teaching Quality Standard 2303Gaylene Schreiber Professional Conduct is in Order 2402Dave Matson Engaging Science Activities for Any Classroom 1503Jason Zackowski Video Analysis in Science Classes 2901BIan Doktor Reconciliation in Schools: A Human Rights Approach 2304Chelsea Burke Breakout EDU 1303Amanda Wilson In the Spirit of Van Gogh: Pastel Drawing 2505Bogdan Konikowski Understanding Adolescent Mental Health 1328Kathy Penner All things First Nations, Métis, and Inuit 1408Terry Lakey


Make Me a Maker: Fostering a Maker Mentality in Your School 913BTom Stones Indigenous Alberta: The Footsteps of Our Ancestors 913AShannon Loutitt Indigenous Short Stories from Across Alberta 2304Chris Hsiung Is Interactive Media Helping and/or Hurting Our Kids? What We are Learning from Growing Up Digital Alberta Main StagePhil McRae • Dr. Michael Rich Teaching English Language Learners in the Regular classroom MP TheatreRick Wormeli Fear NOT the Clown: Classic clowning technique 1437P Gail Whiteford Your Passion is Contagious! Meaningful Practices in the Music Classroom 2901AKarly Lewis Delfeuses Delfeux (Niveau A) 2404Henri Golczyk Role-playing that encourages French oral language skills 2906Denise Gagne Williamson Popular Québécois songs and singers 1303Marian Rose Calm Classroom: Mindfulness & Meditation Techniques for Stressed Out Teachers and Students 1439Susan Agrios More Than A Sing-A-Long: Using Music with Intention to Support Skill Development in Students with Cognitive Disabilities 2401Naomi Bell Waves of Innovation That Impact Your Classroom… Use Them To Your Advantage 2600Paul Bohnert BLAH to FANTASTIC 2909Lana Lane A Curriculum for Global Citizenship: Making Connections across Subject Areas 2905Michelle Hawks "Double Double Math Is No Trouble" - New Math Games Using Two or More Dice 2602John Felling Hip Hop For Teachers AC 147Connie Jakab Developing Physical Literacy through Dance 2302Tracy Lockwood Questions School Principals Ask Member Services 2402Dave Matson Teachers' Convention Review Focus Group 2303Allison McCaffrey • Gaylene Schreiber Teaching Astronomy like a Star 2901BIan Doktor Whiteboarding in the Science Classroom 2301Kristian Basaraba Sphero Robots in the Classroom 1503Colin Christensen What is all the hype about Google Classroom! 1435Gilles Theriault


Friday, February 23



EdCamp-CTS Cooking Teachers Session 1-The Art of Making Fresh Pasta Notre Dame High SchoolFULLJeff Lerouge EdCamp-Off Campus Learning (Online/Outreach/Work Experience/RAP) 2909CSteffanie Zelmer Tiering assessments and assignments Main StageRick Wormeli EdCamp-Mathology:Online Mathematical Mindset course 2900JSandi Berg EdCamp-6-12 CTF/CTS 2505Melissa Jacobson EdCamp-Cosmetology Teachers Session 1 Notre Dame High SchoolTracey Millar EdCamp-First Nations, Métis, Inuit Education 2303Hayley Christen • Valerie Norman-Organ EdCamp-Fine Arts 913AAlison Veldkamp EdCamp-K-12 Band 913BTim Brehaut EdCamp-Grade 6-9 French 2901AMisty Berube EdCamp-K-12 Languages/ELL 1408Nicole DeBoon EdCamp-CALM/Health 2503Sheila Sillery EdCamp-K&E/Foundations 2305Tobi EdCamp-K-12 Counsellors 1600Adedeji Bowoade EdCamp-Grade 6-9 English Language Arts 2601Chris Andrew EdCamp-High School English Language Arts 2906Janine Metzner Huizing EdCamp-Grade 3 2401 or 2402 or 2404Cynthia Campbell • Chris McCullough • Angela Rutschke EdCamp-Grade 1 MP TheatreCathy Coers • April Connolly • Gillian Hallam EdCamp-Grade 2 2301 or 2302 or 2303Sylvie Drysdale • Mary-Ann Veenstra • Danece Workman EdCamp-Grade 4 2602Kerrie-Ann Dalstra • Tamalyn Tardif EdCamp-Grade 5 1437 or 1439Steve Jackson • Aaron Langstraat EdCamp-Kindergarten 2600Jennifer Smith EdCamp-Pre K 2205Krista Clark EdCamp-Grade 6-9 Math 2304Chana MacDonald • Nathan Mcentee EdCamp-High School Math 2905Corey Borys EdCamp-K-12 Physical Education 2501 EdCamp-K-12 Religion 2909BAdam Locke EdCamp- K-12 Administrators - School Leadership: Supporting Sound Assessment in the era of Datafication 2909 - Upstairs Learning CommonsDavid Rutkowski EdCamp-Lead Teachers 2503Cheryl Gascoyne • Kim Wedman EdCamp-Grade 6-9 Science 1500Philip Hambly EdCamp-High School Science 1503Steven Schultz EdCamp-Grade 6-9 Social Studies 1303Shelly Treleaven EdCamp-High School Social Studies 1328Stephen Merredew • Brice Unland